General Assembly


General Assembly

Date: 21. April 2012,

Time: 11:30-12:15

At: Scandinavian Congress Center, Aarhus, Denmark



§1: Election of chairman and secretary taking minutes of this meeting.

§2: Short description of the SASP situation today.

§3: Bylaws of newSASP accepted at the founding meeting in Copehagen.  To be read at our web site

§4: Members of the board :

      Denmark: Nanna B. Finnerup, Ole K. Andersen

      Finland: Antti Pertovaara, Vesa Kontinen

      Iceland: Sigrídur Gunnarsdóttir, Gisli Vigfúson

      Norway: Audun Stubhaug, Cecilie Röe

      Sweden,: Camilla Svensson, Torsten Gordh

 §5: Election of  board members. The board members that have been elected three years ago must now leave, or candidate for reelection for one more three years term. Harald Breivik, Oslo, and Jan Persson, Stockholm, Huddinge,  are on the nominations committee. They can be contacted for new suggestions.

§6: Report on activities since the meeting in Uppsala May 2011.

§7: Number of members at present: Decision of membership fee for 2013.

§8:  Status of Scandinavian Journal of Pain

§9:  Status of web site

§10: Financial status presented

§11: Planning of the next meeting 2013

§12: Any other business?


/ Torsten Gordh