PhD Course program

7 April 2014

Venue: 7th National Institute of Occupational Health (STAMI), Gydas vei 8, Oslo

Focused topics: Clinical pain research and human experimental research with reference to basic sciences.

Topics: Musculoskeletal pain, neuropathic pain


Target group

PhD students in the Nordic countries involved in clinical pain research or experimental research with clinical relevance within the field of musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain.


Main goals

The overall aim of the PhD course is to provide an overview of scientific methods and approaches in clinical pain research regarding musculoskeletal and neuropathic conditions. It is also a main aim to stimulate to communication and network building between PhD students in the Nordic countries as well as between the PhD student and established researchers in clinical pain research.



Provide an update of mechanisms in development of musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain

Introduce the students to quality criteria of design and methods in the field.

Provide examples of animal and human experimental models with relevance to clinical research in practice.

Stimulate to critical discussion of design and methods through in depth discussion of each of the PhD students projects.

Improve abstract, poster and oral scientific presentations


Practical Information

All PhD participants will bring a poster/or powerpointposter and give a short presentation of the project which will be open for discussion with the fellow PhD students and senior researchers.

Key articles will be circulated to the PhD student before the PhD course

A brief multiple choice exam will be conducted after the PhD course


Program (Auditorium)

0930-0945 Opening of the PhD course (Audun Stubhaug and Cecilie Røe)

0945-1025 Neuropathic pain research- news and challenges (Per Hansson)

1025-1105 Musculoskeletal pain- news and challenges (Thomas Graven Nielsen)

1105-1120 Break

1120-1200 Biomarkers in pain research- a tool for better understanding of the pathophysiology of pain (Torsten Gordh)

1200-1240 "What are properties of good experimental/preclinical research model of pain? (Vesa Kontinen)

1240-1340 Lunch


1340-1630 Lab demonstrations and presentations of PhD projects


Neuropathic and inflammatory models / Human experimental models

Introduction by Johannes Gjerstad and Dagfinn Matre


Visiting the animal lab - methods and models in practice (Lab 050):

Group A 14.00-14.30, Group B 14.30-15.00


Visiting the human lab - methods and models in practice (Lab 241):

Group B 14.00-14.30, Group A 14.30-15.00


Parallel sessions 1500-1630


Group A Presentation and discussion of the PhD projects (room 158)

Chair Johannes Gjerstad / SASP board contributing


Group B Presentation and discussion of the PhD projects (room 159)

Chair Dagfinn Matre / SASP board contributing

*The methods and models focused will be adapted to the attending PhD students projects.


Contributors at the PhD course from the SASP Board, Ole Kæseler Andersen, Nanna Finnerup, Camilla Svensson, Sigridur Zoëga, Gisli Vigfússo.

1700-1730 Evaluation and exam


1800 Get Together (at STAMI)