Our online registration service: here

All participants are required to register for the meeting by completing the registration form Online registration begins at this website on 1st November 2011.

Tickets are required for the social events. Please indicate on the registration form which social events you wish to participate in. Please note that the welcome reception is included in the registration fee.


                                                                  Early registration          Late registration

                                                                   before 15 March           after 15 March

SASP member (trainee/nurse)                   DKK 2000                        DKK 2200

SASP member (regular)                             DKK 3000                        DKK 3400                                         

Non-SASP member (trainee/nurse)           DKK 2500                        DKK 2700

Non-SASP member (regular)                     DKK 3500                        DKK 3900

Company representative                            DKK 3500                        DKK 3900

Additional conference day (DSF)               DKK 500                          DKK 500

(Saturday afternoon session)


Registration forms and hotel reservations are submitted online. All correspondence concerning registration and accommodation (payment, charges, cancellation, social programme, etc.) should be addressed to:

Conference Secretariat

KongresKompagniet A/S

Nordhavnsgade 4

DK-8000 Aarhus C


Tel: +45 8629 6960        

Fax: +45 8629 6980