Poster prizes

Poster awards, SASP annual meeting, Oslo April 2010

500 Euro Awards went to:

G. Eriksen et al. Poster 3 ”Inhibiton of FAAH reverses spinal LTP”

S. Skurtveit et al. Poster 7  “To which extent does incident and persistent use of weak opioids predict problematic opioid use”

Book awards went to:

T. Andresen et al.  Poster 5 "Pain sensitivity and experimentally induced sensitization in red haired women"

G. Killi Haugstad et al. Poster  14 “Somatocognitive Therapy in the Management of Chronic Gynecological Pain, A review of Current and Historical Background"

E. Hauge Kjellsen et al. Poster 18"Pretreatment with opioids inhances afferent induced long-term, potentiation in the rat  dorsal horn”