General Assembly



General Assembly

Uppsala,  Saturday, May 21, 2011,

Time: 11.30  AM.

At Uppsala Concert and Congress



§1: Election of chairman and secretary taking minutes of this meeting.

§2: Short description of the situation today. “Year two – a year of building”

§3: Bylaws of newSASP accepted at the founding meeting in Copehagen.  To be read at our web site

§4: Members of the board (elected in at GA in Copehagen 2009):

      Denmark: Nanna B. Finnerup, Ole K Andersen

      Finland: Satu Jääskeläinen, Antti Pertovaara

      Iceland: Sigridur Gunnarsdottir, Anna Gyda Gunnlaugsdottir

      Norway: Audun Stubhaug, Fröjdis Haugan

      Sweden,: Camlla Svensson, Torsten Gordh

§5: Election of two new board members- one from Iceland and one from Norway.

§6: Report on activities since the meeting in Oslo April 2010:

§7: Number of members at present: Decision of membership fee for 2012.

      Should the SJP subscription be included in the membership fee?

§8  Status of Scandinavian Journal of Pain

§9:  Status of web site

§10: Financial status presented

§11 Planning of the next meeting 2012.

§11: Any other business?


/ Torsten Gordh