Uppsala Konsert & Kongress


Uppsala Konsert & Kongress is a congress and conference centre whose geographic position offers excellent communication links with the world outside. Uppsala Konsert & Kongress can have multiple meetings and events occuring at the same time. Flexibility and a well thought out togetherness within the building is one of the main goals for the venue.
The building has a food and beverage outlet that has the flexibility and capability to cater many different types of events. In addition, there is a café located on the entrance floor as well as various refreshment bars scattered throughout the building. Uppsala Konsert & Kongress has several halls and areas suitable for exhibits and events. The total exhibit space in the building is approximately 2000 sq metres.

The concert and congress hall has a central location both in Sweden and in Uppsala.
•    20 minutes from Arlanda Airport.
•    40 minutes from Stockholm.
•    200 metres from Uppsala Resecentrum (Uppsala Travel Centre).
•    Over 940 hotel rooms within walking distance (total of 1200 rooms with 2000 beds in Uppsala) from the venue.
•    Close to over 120 restaurants, shops and historic parts of the city and wonderful sightseeing opportunities.