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Bylaws (amended 2016)

SASP amended Bylaws, accepted at General Assembly, May 27th, 2016
Scandinavian Association for the Study of Pain (SASP)
Amended bylaws of
the Scandinavian Association for the Study of Pain
§1. Name
The name of the Association is the Scandinavian Association for the Study of Pain (hereinafter called the “Association”). The official acronym is SASP. The member countries are the five Nordic countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland. SASP is subject to the jurisdiction of Sweden as a Swedish registered legal entity.
§2. Purposes
The purposes of the Association are exclusively educational, scientific, and charitable in nature, consistent with the Association’s status as a non-profit organization.
The specific aims are:
a) To join Scandinavian pain researchers from basic to clinical sciences in a multidisciplinary research network acting in close collaboration with the scientific committees of the national pain societies and chapters of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP).
b) To foster and encourage research on pain mechanisms and the diagnosis and treatment of clinical pain in order to improve the management of acute and chronic pain.
c) To promote education and training in the area of pain research in the Scandinavian countries.
d) To inform scientists, health professionals and the general public of advances in pain research and pain therapy through the Scandinavian Journal of Pain and the SASP website. The Scandinavian Journal of Pain will also serve as a means of communication with the national pain societies of the Scandinavian countries by inviting the members of those societies to subscribe to the journal.
e) To promote the general objectives and goals of the IASP in the field of pain research.
§3. Membership
a) Membership is open to all physicians, health professionals, scientists, and trainees interested in the Association.
b) The membership is personal.
c) Members shall pay annual dues. The rate of dues is proposed by the Council and approved by the members at the General Assembly. The secretariat will collect the dues and send reminders to members who have not paid their dues in time.
d) Membership is terminated for failure to pay dues for two (2) years.
e) Terminated memberships can be reinstated by paying the membership fee.
SASP amended Bylaws, accepted at General Assembly, May 27th, 2016
f) The Council can terminate membership if the member’s activities are in conflict with the purpose of the association as defined in §2.
g) The Council can nominate honorary members for the General Assembly.
§4. Rights of membership
a) Members are entitled to participate in the meetings and courses arranged by the Association at a reduced fee.
b) Members will receive the Scandinavian Journal of Pain and electronic access to the full papers.
c) All members are entitled to one vote on matters brought to the membership either electronically by email or at the meeting of the General Assembly. Honorary members retain their voting rights. The association does not recognize proxy votes.
d) No member or group of members may enter into a contract or agreement binding the Association, financially or otherwise, without prior express written authority from the Council.
e) Any member may relinquish his or her membership of the Association by giving written notice to the Secretariat by email or ordinary mail.
§5. Meetings and other activities
a) SASP is obliged to hold at least one general meeting each year, including a meeting of the General Assembly and a scientific meeting.
b) The membership will be informed about meetings and other activities of the Association by email and/or ordinary mail and through announcements in the Scandinavian Journal of Pain and/or at the website of the Association.
c) A written notice on matters to be brought before the membership for a vote at the meeting of the General Assembly or for electronic ballot shall be sent to the members at least 30 days prior to the vote, either by email or ordinary mail.
d) The meeting of the General Assembly shall include a report on activities of the Association, an audited financial report, and a budget proposal.
e) The meeting of the General Assembly shall include the election of Council members and from one of these a president and a treasurer and an election of two members to audit the financial report.
f) The arrangement of the annual meeting shall circulate between each of the member countries.
g) In order to promote pain research and encourage scientific networking in the member countries, SASP may in addition arrange teaching courses, research symposia, and summer schools alone or in collaboration with national, other Scandinavian, European, or international scientific societies with interest in pain research. SASP may reimburse travel expenses and participation fees to members attending activities arranged by the Association. The Council shall approve any plans for such activities and expenses.
h) As a non-profit organization, SASP may give awards and travel grants to outstanding Scandinavian pain researchers and scientific grants to support Scandinavian collaboration
SASP amended Bylaws, accepted at General Assembly, May 27th, 2016
in pain research. Grant applications will be assessed by the Council or by a separate scientific committee elected by the General Assembly.
i) SASP will select the Editor-in-Chief of the Scandinavian Journal of Pain and propose members for the editorial board.
j) SASP may employ a Secretariat to undertake the administrative duties of the Association including bookkeeping, managing of bank account, collection of membership dues, information letters to the membership, and maintenance of the website.
§6. Organization and officers
a) The meeting of the General Assembly shall be announced by email or ordinary mail at least 30 days before the meeting.
b) All decisions will be made by majority vote except for proposals to alter bylaws, in which case a majority of two-third (2/3) of members present is required.
c) Proposals for changes of bylaws must be received by the Council in writing not less than two (2) months before the meeting of the General Assembly.
d) The Council shall send written notice to the members of any proposals to change bylaws or dissolve the Association by email or ordinary mail at least 30 days before the meeting.
e) Members of the Council and other officers will be elected by majority vote.
§7. Council of SASP
a) SASP is directed by a council with two representatives from each of the five member countries. At least one member from each country attends Council meetings.
b) The Council is elected by the General Assembly. Among the representatives, one is elected as President and one as Treasurer. The Council appoints a Secretary. The President, Treasurer, and Secretary form the Executive Committee. The Executive committee will function as the administrative body of the Council.
c) The President and Treasurer are elected for four (4) years, which include three (3) years as President/Treasurer and one (1) year as Past-President/Past-Treasurer. The remaining Council members are elected for three (3) years.
d) Council members may stand for election for further terms, but cannot serve two consecutive terms as president.
e) If a Council member cannot complete his/her term, the Council shall appoint a replacement from that country who will serve until the next annual meeting.
f) The General Assembly appoints an election committee to facilitate the identification of new council members. All decisions of the Council will be by majority vote.
§8. Dissolving of the Association
a) Written proposals for dissolving SASP must be sent to the Council at least two (2) months before the annual meeting. Written notice of this proposal shall be sent to all voting members at least thirty (30) days prior to the vote at the meeting. The decision to dissolve SASP requires at least a two-third (2/3) majority vote at two (2) consecutive annual meetings.
SASP amended Bylaws, accepted at General Assembly, May 27th, 2016
b) In case of dissolving SASP, all wealth of the Association will be divided into five equal parts, and these will be delivered to each of the five national pain societies and IASP chapters in Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden

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