Oslo 2019 April 3-5

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Wednesday: Phd Course


  Title Speaker
08:30 Registration  
09:00 Welcome - A users guide to the conference Christopher S Nielsen
09:10 How may we serve you? The future role of SASP in building Scandinavian collaborative networks Sigridur Zoega
09:30 Are single-condition single-drug trials ecologically valid in the field of pain? Eija Kalso
10:00 Is big pharma abandoning analgesic drug development and what will it take to reengage them? Rolf Karlsten
10:30 Coffee, posters, exhibition  
11:00 How do we make user participation in research work? John A Zwart
11:30 Hands on course in user participation [Parallell session] John A Zwart / Astrid Lunestad
11:30 Are animal models of pain valid and how well do findings translate to humans?  [Parallell session] Vesa Kontinen
12:00 Biological treatment of rheumatoid arthritis - A translational success to be copied? [Parallell session] Camillla Svensson
12:30 Biomarkers as a tool for discovery and reverse translation [Parallell session] Emmanuel Bäckryd
13:00 Lunch  
13:45 Can we measure treatment effects when we lack adequate placebo controls? Lena Vase
14:15 Travel awards winners  
14:45 Travel awards winners  
15:15 Coffee + Poster tour  
15:45 --- To be announced ---  --- To be announced ---
16:15 Dynamic experimental pain models: Hot news or Big hype? Cartsten Dahl Mørch
16:45 How do we communicate our results to the world? Nina Kristiansen
When What Who
08:45 Socio-economic differences in pain and it's consequences Gary J Macfarlane
09:15 Estimating the direct and indirect costs of chronic pain Anders Gustavson
09:45 Social mechanisms and pain: Lessons from social network studies of health and behavior Christopher S Nielsen
10:15 Resource market + Coffee  
11:00 Different conditions, common causes: What twin studies tell us about pain comorbidity? Frances Williams
11:30 Is precision diagnostics key to successful pain treatment? Per Hansson
12:00 SASP General assembly  
12:30 Lunch  
13:15 ---- To be announced ----  --- To be announced ---
13:45 To what extent does questionnaire screening of chronic pain reflect actual clinical pain? Ólöf A Steingrímsdóttir
14:15 Wearables, implants, artificial cells: The present and future of sensor technology and bio-monitoring Ilanko Balasingham
14:45 Coffe, posters, exhibition  
15:15 Basic - Experimental - Clinical - Societal: Can we pull it all together? Audun Stubhaug
15:45 Goodbye Christopher S Nielsen